A Multifaceted Creative 

 For Most of my young life I struggled in school, and with learning. It wasn’t until my early twenties when I was diagnosed with adult ADD that I realized that I flourished from having my hand in multiple projects at once rather than focusing on one thing. Milena Moon is a hub for all of my creative projects.



I felt an immediate attraction to yoga from the first time I stepped on a mat. At first it began as an outlet to keep my mental health in check, but I found that staying active helped my mind fight off the negative thoughts that fueled my addictive/impulsive behaviors. I fell in love, and felt the calling to turn my  practice into a way to help others; by becoming a teacher.  


Fibre & Decay

Growing up my mother was either baking or making handmade rugs- I believe it was her creative side that influenced me from a young age to learn to make things with my own hands. Fibre & Decay is my craft, my passion, and my outlet all in one